RDCAutoTypeAndTCATO KeePass Plugin

Note: KeePass 2.25 and higher can auto-type into RDC windows without any plugin, i.e. the RDCAutoTypeAndTCATO plugin is not required for this anymore (but still for enabling TCATO based on target applications).

This KeePass 2.x plugin adds support for auto-typing into Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) windows. Additionally, it allows enabling Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation (TCATO) for entries based on target applications (for example always enabling TCATO for browser windows).

Download the latest version form here - 0.6.2 (12-10-2012) (works with KP 2.20.1)

KeePass >2.09, .NET >=2, Windows OS
Eariler versions of this plugin required Visual C++ Redistrib. (if vc++ redist. had been missing a message was displayed about reinstaling the aplicaition). If you still have a problem - let me know.

Download the above PLGX file to the KeePass instalation directory (where KeePass.exe is located).

Sample usage:
The RDC full-screen mode blocks the KeePass auto-type key. This is one possible usage:
  1. Open the remote desktop connection client
  2. Auto-type or type the address manually
  3. Restore the windows size (at the top - between minimize and close) so that it's not full-screen
  4. Use the global auto-type key or go to KP, find the entry and manually select Auto-Type
https://sourceforge.net/projects/keepass/forums/forum/329220/topic/3386043 or
The latest (current version not yet published) source code can be downloaded form here. It might be newer then the plugin above, less stable and contain some new test code. The above PLGX format is recomended.
Plugin configuration options screanshot
Plugin program list screenshot